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The director’s resume and list of recent publications are as follows.

       FRED R. HANSCOM, P.E.
                  Director, TRC

            State and Local Government - Highway Design and Research, 1968-1972

            Private Industry - Transportation, Human Factors, and Highway Safety Resea­rc­h, 1973-Present


            Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
            Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1968

            Master of Science in Civil Engineering
            Major:  Transportation Engineering
            West Virginia University, 1970

            Ph.D. Program in Transportation Engineering
            University of Maryland, Course Work Requirements Completed


            Highway Capacity Workshop; Northwestern University, 1971
            Transportation Systems Engineering; University of Vir­ginia, 1972
            Human Factors Engineering; University of Michigan, 1974
                                                                                                                        Coordinated Traffic Signal Systems; Georgia Institute of Technology, 1975
            Highway Accident Research; National Highway Institute, 1981
            Advanced Statistics Workshop; SYSTAT: The System for Statistics; Evanston, Illinois, 1988
            Traffic Access and Impact for Site Development; Institute for Transportation Engineers, 1990
            Traffic Accident Analysis and Reconstruction; George Washington University, 1990
            Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Society of Automotive Engineers, 1999
            Various highway/pedestrian Safety Seminars, 2008


            National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
            Transportation Research Board
                         Committee on Motorist Information Systems
                         Committee on Methodology for Evaluating Highway Improvements
                         Technical Review Panel for Truck Size and Weight
            Institute for Transportation Engineers, Fellow
                         Experimental Traffic Control Device Committee
            American Society of Civil Engineers
            Human Factors Society

            Licensed Professional Engineer, California, North Carolina and Virginia


            June 1968 to June 1969 - Arlington County Government; Arlington, Virginia

               Highway Design Engineer
                                                -Determined alignment of street, curb, and driveway access
                                                -Designed open and closed culvert and pipe storm drainage systems
                                                -Served on select task force to develop utility inven­tory system

            June 1969 to May 1972 - Virginia Highway Research Council; Charlottesville, Virginia

                  Highway Research Engineer
                        -Guide sign design and human factors evaluation based on erratic vehicle maneuvers
                                                -Conducted statewide analytic survey of highway signing inventory systems
                                    -Member of special task force to develop remedial measures for accident-prone interchanges
                                    -Participated in engineering evaluations of highway con­struc­tion zone devices, railway grade crossing warning devices, and reflective delineators


            May 1972 to January 1981 - BioTechnology, Inc., Falls Church, Virginia

               Senior Transportation Research Engineer
                                                -Directed numerous major research studies evaluating ­driver/pedestrian behavior
                        -Emphasis on driver responses to signing and other traffic control devices
                                                -Applied sophis­ticated road­way in­strum­enta­tion data collec­tion techni­ques
                                                -Developed and analyzed driver surveys


            January 1981 to Present - Transportation Research Corpora­tion; Haymarket, Virginia

                                                -Conducted major sponsored research in transportation engineering/human factors
                                                -Consulted on numerous highway safety studies
                                                -Provided expert testimony in a variety of traffic safety related cases.
            January 2005 to June 2009 (Part-time) – Virginia Department of Transportation

            Transportation Engineer
                        - Operational studies of highway design and traffic control devices



            Fifty refereed papers, published in four languages
            Institute of Transportation Engineers, National Past Presidents' Award, 1975


            Marital Status:  Married                                    Health:  Good
            Interests:  Computer Technology; Residential Design
            Non-professional Accomplishments:
                                    NASTAR ski racing medals (Colorado, Utah; 1986-93)
                        United States Tennis Association, NRTP Rating: 3.5
                                    Diploma in French Cuisine 



Hanscom, F. R. and Dewer, R.E.  Chapter 2, Human Factors in Traffic Control Devices Handbook (2nd Edition) 2012, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Washington DC IN PUBLICATION

Weber, P. and Hanscom, F. R., Advance Diagrammatic and Overhead Signing at Roundabouts, Presented at the 3rd International Roundabout Conference, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, May 2011

Hanscom, F. R., Appendix D, Comprehension Testing, Markings, Signage  and Application Criteria for Multi-lane Roundabouts, Final Draft Report prepared for Transportation Association of Canada, Ourston Roundabouts Canada, Toronto, Canada, October 2010

Hanscom, F. R., Drivers’ Understanding of Innovative Roundabout Traffic Control Devices, ITE Journal, Volume 80, Number 7, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Washington, DC, July, 2010

Satterfield, C., McGee, H.W. and Hanscom, F.R., Low-cost Safety Treatments for Horizontal Curves,  Public Roads, Volume 72, Number 5, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC , April, 2009

Hanscom, F. R., Human Factors Laboratory Testing of Roundabout Traffic Control Devices for the 2009 MUTCD.  Presented at the 88th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, 2009

Dewar, R. E and Hanscom, F. R. Chapter 19, Work Zones and Chapter 20, Pedestrians and Bicyclists in Human Factors in Traffic Safety, 2nd Edition, Lawyer’s and Judges Publishing Company, Tucson, AZ; 2007.

McGee, H.W. and Hanscom, F.R., Low-cost Treatments for Horizontal Curve Safety, Report FHWA-SA-07-002, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC, December 2006.  Also presented at the ITE 2009 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, August 9-12, 2009

Inman, V.W., Katz, B.J., and Hanscom, F.R., Navigation Signing for Roundabouts, Transportation Research Record 1973, Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., 2006

Hanscom, F.R., Recommended Exit Sign Information Loads within Roundabouts, Presented at 2005 International ITE Meeting, August 8, 2005 in Melbourne, Australia.  Paper published in the 2005 Annual Meeting Compendium of Technical Papers¸ Institute of Transportation Engineers, Washington, DC, August 2005

Lerner, N., Smiley, A., and Hanscom, FComprehensive Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems, NCHRP 17-18(8)  Web-Only Document, National Cooperative Highway Research Program (National Research Council),  March 2005

Katz, B.J., Hanscom, F.R., and Inman, V.W., Navigation Signing for Roundabouts, Presented at the Transportation Research Board International Conference on Roundabouts, Vail, Colorado, June 2005

Hanscom, F. R.,  ITS Collision Avoidance At Restricted-Visibility Rural Intersections, Paper published in the 2004 Technical Conference and Exhibit Compendium of Technical Papers¸ Institute of Transportation Engineers, Washington, D.C., March 2004

Hanscom, F. R. and Dewer, R.E.  Chapter 2, Human Factors in Traffic Control Devices Handbook 2001, Publication IR-112; ISBN 0-935403-66-3 Institute of Transportation Engineers, Washington DC 2002

Hanscom, F. REvaluation of the Prince William County Collision Countermeasure System, Report VTRC 01-CR5, Virginia Transportation Research Council, Charlottesville, VA, February 2001

Lerner, N.D., Steinberg, G.V., and Hanscom, F.RDevelopment of Countermeasures for Driver Maneuver Errors, Report FHWA-RD-00-022, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, D.C., December 1999

Hanscom, F. R. and Goelzer, M. W.  Truck Weight Enforcement Measures of Effectiveness: Development and Software Application, Transportation Research Record 1643, Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., 1998

Hanscom, F. R. Highway Agency Implementation of Maintenance Work Zone Safety Devices, Proceedings of the Strategic Highway Research Program and Traffic Safety International Conference, Prague, The Czech Republic, 20-22 September, 1995; and Proceedings of the International Forum on Road Research Safety, Bangkok, Thailand, 25-27 October, 1995; Swedish National Road and Transportation Institute, S-581 95, Linkoping, Sweden, 1996

Hanscom, F. R.  Highway Evaluation of Maintenance Work Zone Safety Devices.  Proceedings of the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) and Traffic Safety on Two Conti­nents,  Hague, Netherlands, 22-24 Septem­ber, 1993. Swedish Road and Traffic Research Institute, Linkoping, Sweden, 1993


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