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TRC occupies modest office facilities and maintains a substantial transportation library in Markham, Virginia, i.e., within the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area and a satellite office at 2500 Q Street in Washington, DC.  Its library holdings, in excess of 18,000 volumes, comprise a wide variety of research and transportation reference material, technical reports, and a 40-year collection of periodicals from the Transportation Research Board, American Association of Civil Engineers, Institute of Transportation Engineers, and the Human Factors Society. 

Facilities include graphics capability, photographic, roadway-illumination measurement and field data-collection equipment.  A variety of in-house and field computers incorporate state-of-the-art processors, an expansive software library, and high-speed connectivity.

In-house statistical software procedures include: Contingency Tables (Multiway Tables, Log-Linear Models, Chi-square); Nonparametric Tests (Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis, Friedman two-way, Mann-Whitney U); t-Tests (Independent Samples, Dependent Samples); Correlation (Pearson r, Spearman rank-order, Fisher's r-to-z Transform, Partial Correlations); Regression (Simultaneous Multiple, Stepwise, Residuals Analysis, Nonlinear); Analysis of Variance (Multiway Factorial, Nested Designs, Unbalanced Designs, Repeated Measures, A Priori Contrasts, Analysis of Covariance); Multivariate (Analysis of Variance MANOVA, Factorial MANOVA, Repeated Measures MANOVA, Discriminant Analysis, Hotelling T-Squared, Factor Analysis, Canonical Correlation Analysis); Time-series Analysis (Autocorrelation, Partial Autocorrelation, Fourier Analysis, Data Tapering/Smoothing, Box-Jenkins ARIMA Models, Bivariate Spectra/Coherence); Log-Linear Models; Survival /Cluster Analyses; Multi-dimensional Scaling.

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To learn more about TRC's free downloadable truck-weight data analysis tool, TWEET, please visit the TWEET page.

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