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The Truck Weight Enforcement Effectiveness Tool (TWEET) is a software application developed by TRC under NCHRP Project 20-34 that performs sophisticated analysis on WIM data and presents information about the results in an easy-to-understand manner. With TWEET you can process WIM data files in almost any format, and then see results including:
  • Numbers and percentages of gross- and axle-weight violations
  • Breakdown of violations by vehicle type, day of week, time, etc.
  • Aggregate effects of weight violations on pavement life
  • Levels of statistical confidence of the program's calculated output
And all you need to run TWEET is a personal computer with Microsoft Windows 95 or higher.

TWEET is free available for download from this site. To download a copy of the latest version of TWEET, please visit our download page.

For more information about TWEET, please see the online TWEET documentation.

If you would like technical support for running TWEET, or if you would like to report a software bug or other problem, please visit the TWEET support page.

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